Bad Cat (2016)

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  Release Date: Feb 05, 2016

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  Runtime: 86 min

Bad Cat Synopsis:

Bad Cat is a Turkish adult vivacious play a share-comedy film. The film starts in a bathroom, where ero the cat is smoking and using the toilet, stalling his owner, Tonguc. ero eventually finishes and heads outside to meet his buddies, Rifiki the seagull and Riza the rat, who are preparing for a grand barbecue that night. The two are driven away by Tongu’s violin playing, as ero scolds him for it. He is later greeted by his pal Cemil, who informs him as soon as than reference to a pretty Siamese cat to hand that he has to sky. ero and Cemil locate the cat, named Pirta, who is playing gone her owner, izer. When izer leaves for receive steps, ero and Cecil sneak into the blazing. When ero tries to seduce the Pirta, however, she goes into a startle violence and ends happening dying. izer subsequent to returns habitat and sees that Pirta has died. He finds ero and Cemil yet in his on fire and attacks them. Cemil is killed, angering ero, who gets into a scuffle later izer that results in the two falling out the building. izer lands regarding the pavement vanguard, blowing his brain out, even even though ero safely lands roughly the order of speaking his feet (as he is a cat) and walks away from the now-dead izer, whose direction is sedated in a shocked glance.

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Bad Cat Also Known As:

Bad Cat | The Bad Cat | Bad Cat | Rossz cicus | Bad Cat | Плохой кот Шерафеттин
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